7 Secrets to B2B Appointment Setting

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7 Secrets to B2B Appointment Setting 1. Focus on the right goal. When you are a salesperson, you will always have two goals. Your ultimate goal is to close the sale and get a new client. Your immediate goal is to get the prospect to move to the next stage in your sales process. You…

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Cold Calling is Dead. Said No Buyer Ever….

According to buyers, 70% of sellers connect with them and generate meetings using the phone. This is second only to email. Sellers who prospect agree the phone is essential, including cold calls. According to sellers, of the 15 most effective outreach methods we studied, using the phone represents three of the top five statistics, including…

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Appointment Setting Tip #1: Aim High

Appointment Setting Tip #1: Aim High. As long as I have been in sales, managers have implored sales professionals to position at the highest levels of a company (C-Level, C-Club, Executive Level, etc). Still, I am amazed at the lengths salespeople will go to justify why they are calling three levels below any real decision…

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How to hire the right B2B Telemarketing Company

How to hire the right B2B Telemarketing Company Understanding that not all Telemarketers are the same is the first step to a successful lead generation campaign. Hiring the wrong B2B Telemarketing Company is likely to reduce productivity, is costly, and will reflect poorly on your brand. So where should you start? The first step is…

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How to Avoid Negative SEO

What is Negative SEO? Negative SEO is a collection of actions meant to lower a website’s rankings in the search engine results pages, hereafter abbreviated as SERPs. Generally, negative SEO is considered to fall in the domain of “black hat” hacking, as its intent is most often malicious. This is not always the case, however;…

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7 Tips to Perfect Appointment Setting Success


7 Tips to Perfect Appointment Setting Success 1.Perfect the script you are using to pitch your products and services to leads. The script should have a branded introduction, identifying who you are or the company you represent. The script should sound natural and unrehearsed. If your pitch is bad, your lead will probably disconnect the…

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